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I'm glad I have this time to make Smith Brothers Records Available to you.You may have been referred to me by one of my many sources as being interested in songwriting or becoming a recording artist,well we can get your foot in the door.No doubt you'd like a hit record,who wouldn't? But who can predict a hit?I can't an nobody els can either.One thing I know is,a song will never become a hit if it's stuffed in a desk drawer or your hip pocket". It has to be recorded and heard by the Music Industry and the public.
First you have to have someone put all the elements together.Professional musicians,arrangers,vocalists,studios,ect...........That's where I come in.I am a Record Producer/Studio Engineer.I put your song together with professionals who can make something happen.....a recording that the public can hear an appreciate.That's why I started SMITH BROTHERS RECORDS LLC.I got tired of putting in all my sweat an labor into someone else's company,I got tired of the rediculous recording rates from those other high price studios who mostly watch the clock more than care about you as an artist an your sound,it's your money so "YOUR MUSIC SHOULD SOUND GOOD!".I have experience in the entertainment business.I prefer the entertainment business because It's more fun to me to put out a recording than to spot check an assembly line.Some years ago I was a keyboardist for a well known professional female group who to this day are well on their way to a broad level of success.They kept plugging away an got the exposure they needed.Ask yourself,Are you plugging away or are you just sitting around dreaming of success?If you want to do something constructive,let's get together an review your song materials,maybe we can open the doors to your future.There's no cost for me to review your ideas.If it's just the words it's OK.We have arrangers who can compose the music for your songs.Fresh ideas are what we need in the business.It can be Rock&Roll,Gospel,Country,Rap,Christian,R&b ect....whatever the genre.Just let me know an we'll take it from there.
Smith Brothers also assit's in getting your demo to A&R people of major record company's "this is how you get a record deal".
Exposure is the name of the game,Remember,your songs has to heard by someone else besides yourself,so lets' set up your sessions right away an get recording.Don't have music?don't worry Smith Brothers have a multitalented staff who can get the job done,If you can do the lyrics we can do the music or both,,,,

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